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Publisher: Headless Hydra Press

Something worse than rats lurks in the sewers below the city. An ancient monster with alien intelligence is hunting the party. Can they survive? Horror beneath the City is a 5E horror adventure module for a 7th level party to complete in 1-2 sessions. If the party can survive cave-ins, gain the support of a retired adventurer who’s hiding something, and defeat the evil monster, they may discover a silver deposit worth all the trouble. This module can be easily dropped into any campaign with a town or city advanced enough to have a sewer system. Featuring art from Paweł Parol, Dean Spencer, and Shane Collins.

  • 13 Page 5e Adventure for a 7th level party
  • Loaded with full-color artwork
  • 2 Original Monsters with artwork
  • An Interesting NPCs with artwork
  • 3 High Resolution battlemaps of the Ice Cavern (Day, Night, Grid, and No Grid) ideal for VTT
  • 10 Hexplorer Map Tiles to create a regional area for hex-crawl campaigns
  • Plug-and-play design to make dropping the adventure into your campaign as easy as possible with minimal prep

Download Files in .zip Includes Adventure PDF, PNG Battlemaps, and PNG Hexplorer Tiles

Sandbox Adventures #4: Horror Beneath the CityPrice: $2.99