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Publisher: MeditatingMunky


The Ruined Sanctuary of Altrius

4th-Level Adventure for 5e

Search for clues of the whereabouts of a lost adventurer of Tornburry Halls and discover the ancient truth of the Sundevil Tribe in this 5e adventure.


Long ago Aspen and the surrounding region was inhabited by a tribe known as the Sundevils. For centuries the tribe ruled the land until the Civulian military port of Grohm attacked the tribes, pushing them back into the mountains. The battle known as Hawke Man’s Massacre was the bloodiest battle fought on these grounds. Many Civulians fell in it’s wake, and the Sundevil Tribe was completely vanquished.

The Sundevils were driven back into their holy temple known as Altrius Sanctuary, where the final battle took place. The battle waged on for days and nights, as the winged fighters were time and time again resurrected by their priests. Eventually the Grohm warriors slayed the priests and cast their remains into the depths of the Altrius Sanctuary and sealed the site away for good.

Centuries have passed since, and the tribe has now been awakened from within the depths of the Sanctuary…

Quick Guide

This adventure is designed for three to seven 4th-5th-level characters. The adventure starts when a rumor is passed on to the party in the Town of Aspen of a nearby ancient burial ground on Hawke’s Peak.

System: D&D 5E
Starting Level: 4
Length: One Shot (1-2 sessions)
Installation: Add-On


This product includes a PDF Copy of the Adventure, Four A4 300dpi 8.5×11 Copies of the Maps, One A1 24×32 Poster Size print of the Town of Aspen, and Five 72dpi VTT Ready versions of each Map. VTT Maps of the Town of Aspen are cut into 4 sections to fit in under 10mb.

Ruined Sanctuary of AltriusPrice: $6.99