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Publisher: Parts Per Million

Welcome to issue 44 of the RolemasterBlog Fanzine.

This is another two adventure issue of the Rolemaster Fanzine. I wanted to broaden the scope a little bit this time. One adventure focuses on a tribe of giants on the rampage. The adventure is one where the numbers and the strength of arms are likely to lay with the monsters rather than the characters, so a more intelligent approach may be needed. The weakest giants start at about 6th level, so this is not a starting adventure. There are a couple more surprises built into this one that can catch your characters out.

The second adventure is more in the style of a horror movie. There is a race against time, with lives hanging in the balance, unusual creatures, and environmental hazards… and people get thrown out of upstairs windows just because I like the sound of breaking glass.

DriveThruRPG does not support community copies. If you cannot afford the $1.50 asking price at this time of year the entire fanzine is readable in the Full-size preview above.

RolemasterBlog Fanzine Issue 43Price: $1.50