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Publisher: Strange Machine Games

Do Whatever It Takes

Fight for survival in this story that begins in the final days of the Second Robotech War.

Go beyond the events of Robotech: The Masters seen in the original series and into the story of Robotech: New Generation, covering rarely explored or seen events from between the two series from a whole new perspective. Explore numerous locations across the planet and the Robotech Universe.

Your battles will take you from the heart of war-torn Neo-Tokyo and beyond.

Traverse Moon Base ALuCe, the depths of a Robotech Masters Mothership, the remains of Fokker Fields, and the frozen wastes of Siberia.

Unravel an intriguing plot involving competing elements within the Robotech Masters and discover the mysterious motivations behind their actions!

New Fiction!

Detailed descriptions of various areas of the Robotech Universe and more journals and recordings from your favorite characters. New art! Including a detailed deck plan of the UES Carthage, the Pulsar Class Light Cruiser that serves as the players primary mobile base for the adventure.

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