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Publisher: WatcherDM

Brave Jam Movie Adventure!

Be a mercenary movie critic in a post-apocalyptic theatre and clean out the “Super-Hero” movie menace. Help cinema refugees find a new home, fight delicious popcorn goblins, and discover the joys of ethical non-monogamy in a groundhog day romantic comedy. Revengers! Disassemble!

This adventure was created by Austin Holm and Gabriel Hernandez for the Brave Jam, as we both love playing Brave Zenith. It can be completed in just over 2 hours and almost completely explored in that time. It features a “Movie Theatre” map and a number of hand-drawn illustrations in bright, fun colors. We hope you enjoy romping around and making fun of the silver screen we love to hate and hate to love.

Revengers Disassembled is an independent production, Copyright 2022,  WatcherDM Author Austin Holm, and is not affiliated with Roll 4 Tarrasque. It is compatible with Brave Zenith.


Tamatha Tastemaker – a pre-apocalypse AI and head of the Church of the Silver Screen – has declared it is time for her centennial visit to the cinema. She’s uttered a prophecy of warning to all of the faithful:

“My head will literally explode if I have to see one more goddamn superhero movie!”

Fearing for their leader, churchgoers have raised a small sum of money. A cadre of mercenary movie critics has been assembled: your players! They’ve been charged with exploring the ancient cinema and removing any “Super-Hero” Films which might offend Tamatha Tastemaker before she makes her journey to the cinema.

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