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Publisher: Urban Realms

Make Date Night an Adventure

Looking for an RPG specifically made for a couple to play together? We’ve got you covered. We have modules compatible with version 3.5 and 5th edition of the game that started it all, as well as Pathfinder.

We created modules where both people can be players and enjoy the unfolding story, not where one knows all and spells out the story for the other – Date Night Dungeons.

The goal is for the players to not only have a fun adventure but also to spark romance. It’s perfect for date night, whether the players are just getting to know each other or have been together for years.

The Big Idea

The idea is that each partner is both GM and player, and mysteries unfold for both as the story moves forward. We’ve divided the adventure into four scenarios. Players are encouraged to switch GM duties for each scenario and to not read past the current scenario to avoid spoilers. That way, both partners get to be players, and the mystery lasts until the final scenario. This is a fleshed-out RPG module that is 5th Edition compatible and complete with locations, maps, backstories, character sheets, NPCs, and baddies.

Bring on the Romance

To facilitate the romance, we’ve also added a few extras, like Attraction Points, Turn-ons, and Pet Peeves. These keep your mind focused on the romance as our characters battle villains and solve mysteries. There are romance roll throughout. It’s the dice, though, that decide if our characters fall for each other or can’t wait to get rid of each other. Then again, isn’t love always a roll of the dice?

The Story

the heir to the Blackthorn power and fortune is being held for ransom. Now it’s up to the head of security at the manor to get the heir back. But when they learn that the kidnappers mean to kill the Thane as well, they must work together to find out who is behind the plot and why. They soon learn that things are far more sinister than they first appeared. Now they must foil the mastermind’s evil plot before the planes of hell break loose – if they can.

So light some candles, set the mood, and let the adventure begin.

Rescue of the Blackthorn Clan: A Couple's Adventure Module: OGL 5th EditionPrice: $7.99