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Publisher: Hero Level Games

Once the glorious family homes of the Harringtons, a prominent and affluent family, Rewood Manor now stands dilapidated and weathered by time. A sombre reminder of the gruesome event that took the lives of the Harrington family and their guests. 

Some whisper tales of vengeful spirits haunting the house, their sorrowful wails echoing through the halls on moonlit nights.

Your party has been hired to retrieve a ring from Redwood Manor. Apart from the handsome payment that you will receive to complete the task, you may also keep any other treasure you come across. 

Are you ready and brave enough to seek the treasures waiting in the dark, desolate shadows of Redwood Manor?

Redwood Manor is a Hero Level Games Compact Adventure with 2 maps and 5 key encounters. It is compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and can be used with the story suggestion provided or with a home-brewed one.

We have also included tables for creepy atmosphere effects and treasure that the party can find as they make their way through the manor.

What are Compact Adventures?

Compact Adventures are game frameworks created by Hero Level Games. 

They are designed to:

Work with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition
Be playable as one-shots or as a drop in module for your existing game
Include all the DM tools you need
Have a suggested story element but you can replace that easily with your own

Each Compact Adventure includes all the DM tools you need:

Room descriptions including interesting features and items of value
NPC’s (with character sheets for level 3, 5 and 7th level character to make the game easier or harder)
Atmosphere and Treasure Tables

Redwood Manor includes:

1 New Monster
1 New Puzzle
1 Trap
NPC stats (with level 3, 5, and 7 character sheets)
Treasure Table 
Creepy Atmosphere Effects Table 
Maps of  the two-storey manor house with garden

While Redwood Manor is a fantasy RPG game, written to be compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e, it can easily be adapted for any fantasy game setting and TTRPG system including Pathfinder.

Game tropes

Haunted Mansion
Light horror
Story with puzzles and combat 
DND 5e compatible
Easy adventure
Scalable adventure


Dungeons and Dragons
5e game with maps

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