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Publisher: Deep7


Realms of Death is the fourth in a series of world resources for Arrowflight Second Editon.

Across the Southern Ocean lies a vast, ancient land full of mysterious cultures and untold danger.

Foreign sailors call this place “The Dark Lands”. The indigenous peoples call it “Fetak’Dal”. Countless unwary travelers have called it their grave.

Off its eastern shore lies Dara Tova, seat of power for a once-mighty montaka empire, and potential gateway to the Underworld.

Profiles of two exotic lands:

FETAK’DAL – The Dark Lands
a huge continent home to many tribes
and city-states

DARA TOVA – ancient home to a fallen empire


THE UNDERWORLD – why to go, how to get there,
creatures you’ll encounter, and how to get home again

Including population, culture,
economy, character backgrounds,
maps & region-specific details

(Full color softcover book or screen-formatted PDF)

Realms of Death: A World Resource for ArrowflightPrice: $7.95