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Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment

“And we were made beautiful and terrible by her wishes.

We were blessed with talons and claws and spines, the Mist’s will be done.

We became seraphim of the Gaseous Savior,

the Heralds of her divinity.

Through smoke and pain and blood we became something new, by her grace.

We were sent new into this shattered new world,

To be her saints to the world.”


Sect of the Helix is a pre-designed warcrew featuring a group of former mercs a thieves twisted and deformed at the genetic-level into new forms and then forming their own cult.

Ready-Made Mayhem:  A series of pre-made warcrews,. They come complete with history, and stats designed around available model kits.  If someone wants to start a Ruination warcrew, they can go to their Friendly Local Game store and find the appropriate kit.  Then build and paint them, then print out the sheet and play. 

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