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Publisher: CLAYMORE

[STATIC]—my son, Ilya. He’s in there, floating in the heart of that thing, alive—dreaming, but alive. CHERNOBOG must be stopped. The Commissar will have my head for it, I am sure… yet it must be done. There is no other way. It is a delicate process, yes—complicated, and precise. One wrong move could kill my boy… blyat! Suka blyat—[DISTANT SHOUTING, GUNSHOTS, MIC CUTS]

[STATIC] …when I have destroyed the walker, we will flee the country. By the time this transmission reaches FIST, I will be at the bunker, freeing Ilya. I pray they will arrive to assist me in time. [AUDIO ENDS]

ATARAXIA is a mission pamphlet for FIST about a boy trapped inside a malfunctioning bipedal mech. The boy in question, Ilya Petrov, is the son of Captain Vilen Petrov, an officer of the Red Army who has contacted FIST for help with rescuing his son. FIST must destroy or disable the bipedal mech CHERNOBOG without harming Ilya, then escort Ilya and Captain Petrov to the Extraction Point, all beneath the Commissar’s nose.

During this dangerous and delicate mission, you will encounter:

POINTCRAWL ACTION – Use the topographical map of the Ural Mountains to explore the rumor-filled village of Vizhay, find the Soviets’ Secret Bunker, and make your way through Dyatlov Pass. Locations are fleshed out with miniature encounter and rumor tables, for seasoning to taste.

GALLERY OF ROGUES – Ally with the hard-drinking, always-prepared Captain Petrov to save his son from CYCLOPS (and raid his supply stash before the fight). Have your mind sundered by the psychic Commissar, a menacing CRO eager to tear FIST apart.

SUPER-SIZED PUZZLE BOSS – CHERNOBOG is an enemy of eight parts, each with their own HP, functions, and rules. The pamphlet’s cover doubles as a labelled illustration of CHERNOBOG to be used as a prop when Captain Petrov briefs the players. Choose where to attack the mech (and hope you don’t miss) to keep Ilya safe inside the cockpit and change the course of the fight.
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