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Publisher: Zen Studios

Dropping a pusher into an encounter forces players to carefully manage their positioning on the battlefield. Not only do they need to stay clear of the putrid breath of the pusher, but they also need to manage the explosive response of a pusher who has taken damage.

This free resource is based on a memorable foe from the tactical RPG Dread Nautical, and it’s a quick way to add a new dash of horror and surprise to your campaign.

About Dread Nautical:

Dread Nautical is a Lovecraftian tactical roguelike from Zen Studios available on all major gaming platforms. Though it’s a video game, the design of enemies and encounters have strong tabletop inspirations, which is why we are converting many of those enemies to 5e-friendly materials for tabletop fans to download and enjoy. This is one of several from 5e resources adapted from Zen Studios titles and is a celebration of Dread Nautical coming to Steam and to GOG!

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