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Publisher: Jamie Wahls

A Mind-Control-University-inspired tabletop gaming framework (v0.4)

by Jamie Wahls

This is the gentler, more strategy/diplomacy oriented variant of Praetorian Academy; Praetorian Community College.

This thing has been iterated upon so many times it’s basically a time-loop story at this point. It remains a huge, unwieldy stack of homebrew held together only by momentum and group consensus. No guarantees, no assurances, enjoy. 


It’s not an especially original setting; deadly dangerous interdimensional schools probably appear in a full 20% of superhero comics. But the way to elevate the game is to lean into the characterization of each one of the rivals; really try to flesh out their worlds and their motivations for accepting the devil’s bargain that is this school.

This is one of two variants; the higher-powered, faster hitting, dead-by-day-three variant is Praetorian Academy; the gentler version is the Polyhistor-Academy-inspired Praetorian Community College.

I was going to edit it more, but the perfect is the enemy of the good, and can I just say again no guarantees, this is not sorted, read it if you like. 

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