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Publisher: Wizarddog Entertainment

Power Commandos: Song of the Siren is a Four Act adventure Scenario for Super Sentai inspired role playing games.

Amera-Pop, a pop song competition that tours the nation, is being hosted in Angel City Mall and is targeted by the alien forces of the Dark Nemesis. The intergalactic rogue Clarion, conscripted by The Dark Sorceress, takes the opportunity to pose as an aspiring pop singer and using her song to mesmerize the people of Angel City and across the globe. The Power Commandos race against the clock to prevent The Citadel, their base from being discovered by the controlled citizens. To stop the spread of the tune, the Power Commandos must find a way to counter the song and restore the citizens of the city.

This adventure is designed for Mid-Tier level Teen Heroes and is compatible with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Role playing game(s) using the Essence20 system. It may also be adapted for any teen superhero D20 systems such as Mutants and Masterminds or 2D20 powers system with some modifications. An Appendix contains stats for the Essence20 enemies and additional rules which are Open Content.

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