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Publisher: Slash & Byte Minis

Play Your Cards Right: In the Astral Plane is the first issue of a fanzine made for use of the capers system by nerdburger games. This explores alternate dimensions that can be found and traveled to that are. The alternate earths mentions in this fanzine are the cartoonish Aesop Earth, the devastated remains of Atomic Earth, the water world of Aquarian Earth, and the futuristic world of Deisel Earth, as well as the table an infinite casino floating on the back of a turtle in the astral plane.

On top of some light setting stuff, the zine also includes mechanical backings for having irradiated characters, a collection of creatures you may find in the atomic ruins, a set of stats for various dieselpunk vehicles, and rules to use for mechs.

Play You Cards Right: In the Astral PlanePrice: $5.00