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Publisher: Fishwife Games

Planet On A Page: Zurkari
Sometimes the GM doesn’t need a 450 page sourcebook for a new world that the characters will only briefly visit for one gaming session- sometimes the GM just needs a Planet on a Page!
The Planet on a Page product lines feature a detailed planet on one single easy to print off page (the other page is the cover). Though limited to one page the details are crammed in there- from the planet’s basic geographic data to citizen and economic details and basic description to a numbered map of the planet’s eastern and western hemispheres. So what’s the numbers for on the map? Each edition features 12 different locations that either serve as major planetary cities/sites or notable points of interests that the GM may wish to use in a mission/adventure. Yep… all that… on one single page!

This release of Planet on a Page features Zurkari, a cold, rocky planet prone to freezing storms of dust and ice as well as a gnawing depression that overwhelms its citizens (who are usually just above the poverty line). Though recognized as an industrial world with noted natural resources there are many things that the cities and outposts of Zurkari often lack (usually decent food), which in turn keeps their economy in check at below average.

So what’s there on this chilly dirtball for a group of space adventurers to do? Try checking out the wreckage of an ancient alien vessel in the northern Balhaza wastes. Its full of all kinds of relics and ancient technology they say- just be sure to pack a laser rifle when you go because most of the locals (including scoundrels) frown on the presence of outsiders. If that’s not risky enough you can always snoop in one the clandestine weapons manufacturers in the Valkarian Ice Fields region. Just be sure that the payoff is worth it!
Not much into recovering ancient relics or taking out laser cannon building criminals? Well, become a scoundrel yourself and sign up with one of the poacher camps in the Holcha Greenlands! The hungry citizens of Zurkari are always wanting a bit of fresh meat in their diet and so do the ravenous predators that provide a constant threat to the safari camps! If hunting is not your thing you can always find work (or bust someone out) at the newly built Halino Prison!

Planet On A Page: ZurkariPrice: $1.00