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Publisher: Fishwife Games

Planet On A Page: Septox
Sometimes the GM doesn’t need a 450 page sourcebook for a new world that the characters will only briefly visit for one gaming session- sometimes the GM just needs a Planet on a Page!
The Planet on a Page product lines feature a detailed planet on one single easy to print off page (the other page is the cover). Though limited to one page the details are crammed in there- from the planet’s basic geographic data to citizen and economic details and basic description to a numbered map of the planet’s eastern and western hemispheres. So what’s the numbers for on the map? Each edition features 12 different locations that either serve as major planetary cities/sites or notable points of interests that the GM may wish to use in a mission/adventure. Yep… all that… on one single page!

This release of Planet on a Page features Septox, a once promising world that has ended up becoming a galactic dump site. This planet features numerous different designated refuse areas as well as some other interesting localities- including dangerous criminal ones! Corruption is high here and most of the citizens are degenerates, exiles, outcasts, or just willing do to anything (and live anywhere) for steady pay!

So what’s there on this big garbage heap for a group of space adventurers to do? Try prizing open one of the overgrown mutant bivalves in the Tenajulka Reef area- you might just find a big ol’ pearl! More heroic missions your sort of thing? Then sign up to do a little spying on the good folks of Gelan Test Station… word has it that their rogue scientists are contributing to the ongoing mutation problem that is spreading across the planet’s surface.
Are you a bit shady? Maybe you and your comrades are smuggers or space pirates? If this is the case then you’ll definitely feel at home at Jelcheza Freedom Camp.

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