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Publisher: Fishwife Games

Planet On A Page: Falgoba
Sometimes the GM doesn’t need a 450 page sourcebook for a new world that the characters will only briefly visit for one gaming session- sometimes the GM just needs a Planet on a Page!
The Planet on a Page product lines feature a detailed planet on one single easy to print off page (the other page is the cover). Though limited to one page the details are crammed in there- from the planet’s basic geographic data to citizen and economic details and basic description to a numbered map of the planet’s eastern and western hemispheres. So what’s the numbers for on the map? Each edition features 12 different locations that either serve as major planetary cities/sites or notable points of interests that the GM may wish to use in a mission/adventure. Yep… all that… on one single page!

This release of Planet on a Page features Falgoba, a hazy, toxin and sporing fungus filled planet that is scarred from the atomic fueled wars of a lost civilization. This planet is a place where weird mutant beasts roam through toadstool forests and treasure hunters brave the dangerous ruins in search of interesting relics to sell. If you think you can handle the mutants, spore clouds, radiation, and erratic energy storms then the world of Falgoba might just be the place for you.

So what’s there on this big toxic fungus world for a group of space adventurers to do?
Start out in the north at Korik Station- where a romp of the relic filled ruins are just beyond the city walls. When you’ve had your fill of being a trinket trader head on to Qwalruho Forest where you can run into some floating venomous stinger urchins! Waste a few of these oddities and recover their tasty flesh or their intoxicating (and deadly) venom!
Want to uncover the still working technology left behind by the civilization that ruined this planet? You’ll find it in the constructed passages deep within the caves of Rulemuzan Ridge! Just be on the look out for whip roots and acid spitting rodents!

Planet On A Page: FalgobaPrice: $1.00