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Publisher: Third Eye Games

Pip System Primer #11 – Cryptids

In the space where the known meets the unknown, the human imagination runs wild. The tomes of history are rife with tales of the monsters who live at the ends of the world. Ancient sailors returned from long voyages telling stories of creatures large enough to swallow ships whole, who dwelled at the place where the world ended and waited to devour any who wandered too far. Even in the modern day, hunters and campers all too often come back with pictures of footprints far too large to have been made by any human, or stories of deep, red eyes watching them in the dark. 

Be they sea-faring beasts or legendary fur-covered humanoids, we call these undiscovered creatures cryptids. 

Pip System Primer #11 provides articles, references, archetypes, extras, and an original cryptid-themed escape adventure for the Pip System. All from the original Pip System publisher.  


  • “The Cryptids Among Us: What Is A Cryptid?” by Rachel Savicki
  • “Shifting the Perspective: Taking Traditional Player Characters and Making Them Extras in Pip System” by Don Bisdorf
  • “Cryptid Qualities and Advanced Qualities” by Jacob Wood
  • “Cryptid Archetypes” by Jacob Wood
  • “Cryptid Characters” by Jacob Wood
  • “Mystic Corners” an adventure by Brennan Bishop
  • plus extras and pre-generated characters created by Brennan Bishop & a special preview of The Bradwell Coalition from the Pip Worlds community content program

This is the 11th of our Quarterly Releases from Third Eye Games, thanks to our amazing patrons, and each issue will cover a new genre or topic. To gain early access to each issue and help choose our next theme, searching for “Pip System Primer” on Patreon. 

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Pip System Primer #11 - CryptidsPrice: $2.99