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Publisher: Bill Reich

This is a set of random encounter tables and encounter descriptions for the Westwood in the fictional Black Mountain District in the dwarf Kingdom of Glon’ that is the setting for our Black Mountain adventures. The kingdom is run by dwarfs but there are more humans around on the surface. More information about the District can be found by clicking on the link above.

There are tables for several different areas of the Westwood. The tables could be used for any wooded area with fantasy creatures.

Each location has a daytime encounter table and an encounter table that covers possible campsite intruders at night. Roll 2D10 once for each hex entered during the day. Roll three times each night for possible encounters with entities approaching the camp. Once for each watch of the night. Some groups might prefer fewer encounters and some GMs might want to skip some rolls.

My advice is to roll for several days’ worth of encounters in advance.

Each encounter is linked to a description. The descriptions have details in both the Glory Road Roleplay rules and OSR/D20 rules. Using other rules, the Game Master will have to come up with their own stat blocks but the tables could still be useful.

These tables are not supposed to give you major foes or friends for your player-characters, although lower-level parties will find the encounters challenging. You can find major foes in our adventure modules or design them in your own forest adventures. If your characters are going from point A to point B in your adventures, these are the people, things, and situations that they might run into.

Running a low-level party through part of the maps, going from point A to point B (or point C), finding any encounters on the tables, could make up an entire adventure. Putting a relatively important challenge of your own at or near the destination would make for a more satisfying experience.

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