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Publisher: Doppelgänger Publishing

Oracles Notebook vol.3

Oracles Notebook is a notebook with pre-printed oracles. Whether you are a Game Master, a solo player or just want to write, sometimes you need a spark to stimulate your imagination.

Oracles Notebook is designed to work in double-page mode. The page on the left is for writing, while the page on the right is for dual use:
– a blank square part will be useful to draw plans, track characters’ lives or simply keep notes for later
– the oracle part contains a set of 10 randomizers and a random draw of 8 different dice

UPDATE! You will find 2 files to download: a file to print and another pdf file that can be filled directly from a computer or a smartphone.

Oracles Notebook is the ideal tool for writing stories or running a game without a Game Master.

Thanks to the pre-printed Oracles, you can easily:
– determine a level of tension in a scene with the oracle of difficulty and instability

– imagine scenes thanks to three visual icons
– create unique NPCs – the character section gives a name, race, personality trait and a job
– generate quests, leads or rumors thanks to the plot generator which includes an action verb, a target (object or character), a motivation and a place. Combined with the previous oracles, you can easily generate stories like [someone] wants to [do something] to [someone/something] because [motivation].

Oracles Notebook, solo rpg

Oracles Notebook is compatible with all role-playing games and systems. The version you hold in your hands is specific to medieval fantasy worlds.

This book contains 13 double pages of oracles, a table of contents to stay organized and a blank hexmap at the end of the notebook useful for drawing maps. The PDF is in A4 format but is intended to create an A5 booklet. Printing instructions are included.


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