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Publisher: Random Wyvern Publishing

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“Oracles” is a supplement for Cthulhu Stardust, a game about humanity’s last five years.  This set of oracles can be used to make solo and cooperative (multiplayer, GM-less) play easier.  It can also be used as inspiration for both Cthulhu Stardust and any other Mythos-based game.  With the same depth of detail and blackest of humour as the original, “Oracles” is a great addition to the collection of any fan of cosmic horror.

With two dozen oracle tables, from generic theme and action tables to new and hideous (or merely strange) minor and major mutations tables, this book will be of help to all GMs and solo players.


One set of oracles makes up an adventure generator, letting you create the skeleton of an adventure in seconds.

A second set of oracles is a monster generator, allowing you to fashion your own, brand-new nightmares.

Content warnings: cosmic and body horror, insanity, loss of humanity, self-harm, the destruction of humanity, and more corruption of Bowie’s works.

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