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Publisher: Death Dreams Studio

What is ON THE HUNT?

A strategic LARP-lite that’s based on the honor system, meant to invoke a sense of mystery and intrigue around commonplace. “ON THE HUNT’’ is played minutes at a time over the course of
days to weeks with at least 5 people to hundreds. Whether they’re familiar with LARPs or not, the rules are simple and can be played by anyone that can answer a yesserno question. A game populated by Hunter’s, Werewolves, and Vampires, where anyone could be playing and you wouldn’t know it until you ask or are asked the titular question;

“Are you ON THE HUNT?”

If they are, the game starts for you and your suspect(s) or accuser(s). Suss out what faction they’re in, “run” away, or initiate a fight to bring them into the fold or kill them outright. Do your best to
gather information or survive fights. In the end only one faction will win!

ON THE HUNT is best played with groups that interact frequently with at least 5 players, though 12 or more is ideal in a locale where not everyone is aware of the game: on a job-site, a campus, a convention, concerts, long weekends, convalescent homes, etc…

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