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Publisher: Paper Realms

This isn’t just one obelisk, it’s a construction set containing 9 modular pieces that let you create small markers, points of interest, grave markers, monuments and more! You’ll find five different themes captured with rich textures, including a dark infernal obelisk, desert obelisks covered in script, and even sci-fi obelisks that would be quite a site to see in your fantasy setting! Get creative with your uses and see what your imagination can build!

Reigious monuments, path markers, sources of magical power, oh my!

What is included in the set:

Five different texture styles: desert, temple, dwarven, infernal sci-fi!
Each obelisk includes 9 types of pieces: a small and large top, a large base, two small tapered bases, a plinth base, and square footings in three sizes.
Look for layers in the PDFs to give you more options, like glowing runes, colored cap stones, and more!
Detailed instructions
Automated cutter files compatible with Silhouette brand cutters

What other materials are required:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to use the files provided
Heavy paper (100# cardstock or matte photo paper)
Hobby knife
Metal ruler
Cutting mat
Glue (white glue or glue sticks recommended)
Markers for edging pieces

A variety of bases and footing sizes let you make all kinds of interesting obelisks!

So many options to choose from!

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