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EZD6 Compatible Solo Tools

EZD6 is a simple d6 driven game with a very strong OSR feel, without having all the D&D baggage.

The system is heavily skewed towards player success. Typically a 1 is an automotive fail, 2 is a failure (but you can spend meta currency to boost it, 3-5 is a success and 6 is an exploding roll and critical success.

These solo rules use that same 1, 2, 3-5, and 6 spread for its oracle, and more of the familiar systems within EZD6 to run the solo tools.

Because the game hovers between being a rules-light d6 game and a D&D-esque OSR game it has many different possibilities for the feel or play style. For that reason, I have introduced different Muses, four in total, so the player can find the one(s) that gel the best with the way you want to play the game.

Solo Rules can turn any game into a quickstart for the GM. Rather than just making characters to get a feel for a system, now you can play some adventures before presenting a game to your table.

Because DTRPG does not support community copies, the entire text of this supplement is available to use in the full preview. If you cannot afford the cover price, please use the preview version.

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