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Publisher: Paizo

In the realm of Golarion, sin and virtue represent more than just morality — they can serve as a wellspring for potent magic and spellcraft, and have done for thousands of years. Aspiring wizards, take up this mighty grimoire and venture into the world of rune magic!

With the new 2e Remaster approaching, the old understanding of rune magic that previous versions used no longer functions the same way. Without traditional “schools” of magic, the rules that dictated how runelords used their spells fall apart. This publication attempts to reimagine what this tradition might look like, creating a remaster-friendly school of magic that builds on Thassilonian spellcraft — the College of Sin and Virtue. 

New Magic of Thassilon presents seven schools of magic, each built around the sins and virtues held in Thassiloniian culture and magical tradition. It reimagines the Runelord archetype, giving it an exciting new ability that allows wizards to apply buffs and benefits to their allies. It also includes items for wizards of all stripes to use, five new backgrounds to ground your character in the world of New Thassilon, and original lore and NPCs connected to the College of Sin and Virtue, a real place nestled in the hinterlands of New Thassilon.

Grab your spellbooks and ponder your orbs — Thassilonian magic thrives in Golarion! 

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