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Publisher: Elven Tower


Swift Adventures are great mini-quests to play on-the-go. These quick system-neutral missions are intended to help you whenever you run out of ideas or come unprepared.


A bit of lore: The people from this town deep in the northern mountains have adapted to the cold and the life in the snow. A popular man among the villagers is Witsel. He owns the butchery, the largest building in town. And he also learned how to make a special concoction out of a local plan called snow lily, a medicinal plant. Witsel’s unguent has saved many lives in Neverthaw.

However, a tribe or orcs, local to the rocky mountains as well, is about to raid the town in search of food and supplies. Gormush, their leader, is aware of the humans’ healing unguent and wants it to cure his wife’s disease.

I hope you enjoy using the map we made for this adventure. It’s fun to run!

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