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Publisher: Svartkonst

To the casual observer reality may seem solid and stable, however this is unfortunately not the case. Our universe is just one of an infinite multitude that has emanated from the Abyss and they all overlap and interact with each other. Ravenous predators stalk the worlds and powers from beyond use us as pawns in a game that we can not conceive of.

Mysterium is a weird fiction roleplaying game where ordinary modern day people become exposed to the paranormal and the unknown, either by encountering an intrusion from beyond or being thrust into another world themselves.

The game is about how the player characters handle this confrontation with strange forces and entities and in what way they become changed by this. Are they consumed by fear or seduced by fascination? Do they turn their backs and run, or do they leap into the unknown? And what are the consequences of their choices?

Mysterium is played with one Game Moderator and two or more players and uses a simple and intuitive d100-based rules system. This book includes a chapter on setting up roleplaying campaigns inspired by weird fiction, and two scenarios: The Door to the Unknown and Lost and Found.

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