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Publisher: The Wanderer’s Tome

8-10 players / 3-4 hours

5 Female Characters / 5 Male Characters

Age: 13+

Sannat sits at the border between Kelkara and Batam, and the constant warring between the two nations is gradually turning Sannat into a lawless battleground. Sitting in the middle of this battleground is Godsgrave Keep, whose presence has kept neighbouring villages out of harm’s way.

For the past few years, this peace has been threatened by a group of outlaws, the Iron Wolves of Sannat. An opportunity for peace between these two factions has emerged: a marriage between Lord Godsgrave’s daughter and the Iron Wolf warlord’s son. However, Sannat is a dangerous place, and a single death threatens to tip the uneasy balance once and for all…

This game in particular will surely be a hit with any Witcher fan or anyone who loves a story of dark political intrigue.

The game includes ONE murder and functions with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 guests! There are 5 female and 5 male characters, but many of these characters’ genders may be changed as you require. Check out the master character list below for a full description of characters included.

Each purchase will include:

1. Instructions:

This booklet includes Instructions on

preparations required before hosting;

timetable to guide the host run the game;


invitations and venue;


how to play this murder mystery online (we recommend using discord).

2. Character Booklets

These booklets include

information on your character’s background;

cast list;

the character’s goals;

important relationships;

secrets and clues;

tips for players.

3. Invitations

Invitation document that includes a

formal invitation to be sent to players;

cast list and descriptions.

4. The Player Guide

tips for new players on how to play a murder mystery.

5. Cards

Cards booklet includes

name badges for every character;

item cards;

ability cards;

handouts & announcements.

6. Quick Reference

a quick reference sheet for the host to refer to throughout the event.

7. The Region of Terra Medisa

a map giving background to the region ‘Murder at Godsgrave Keep’ is set in.

Master Character List


(Inhabitants of Godsgrave Keep)

Viola Godsgrave – Lady at Godsgrave Keep • Female

Yolantha Godsgrave – The noble bride • Female

Prym – Alchemist at Godsgrave Keep • Male

Celine – Quartermaster at Godsgrave Keep • Female

(Iron Wolf Outlaws)

Arvid Aravan – Leader of the Outlaws • Male

Vilko – Outlaw husband-to-be • Male

(Beast Slayers)

Elias – Beast slayer on contract aiding Godsgrave Keep • Male

Grienne – Beast slayer on contract aiding the Iron Wolves • Female


(Iron Wolf Outlaws)

Jeffard – Outlaw on the mend • Male

(Beast Slayers)

Morna – Beast slayer on contract aiding the Crown Representative • Female

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