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Publisher: Kaleb Kronimus

In this swell role-playing game you play a set of mundane individuals in 1950’s suburban America who become lost in a world of one strange event after another, all tailored to prey on your character’s fears and flaws, or worse, tailored to appeal to their hopes and dreams. If your character can survive a full day against this force known only as The Strange they may return again to their normal life; forever changed. For those that don’t make it out, The Strange has a cruel sense of irony, and the fate they suffer is often worse than death. 

This is typically a game palyed as only one session, but returning characters carrying the scars of their last experience can be fun as well. Not every character makes it out though, that’s by design. It’s a game very much about what fate befalls your character, and that is rarely a happy one. 

This reiceves heavy inspiration from things like The Shing, Twilight Zone, and Twin Peaks. 

Oh, and don’t forget to have a swell time!

Mundane LostPrice: $5.00