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Publisher: Frontier Gaming

Morningstar: The Triumvirate Pacts Core Rulebook is required to play this Adventure Module (available here)

Morningstar: Clearsky Ruptured is a Solo Story Adventure. The premise for the story, along with the endgame of the protagonists, is included along with a brief  description of the setting and circumstances. The descriptions are provided for the purpose of immersion only.

This Expansion also includes a new playable Species – the Pizcka. A peaceful and noble people, the Pizcka are a distant offshoot of the Vharcoli Species who have tamed their inner thirst.

When unwelcomed visitors arrive at Konsor, the Pizcka’s home Planet, the constraints of pacifism and tradition may be tested to their limits.

The Story is your own to tell, and your Character is yours to play.

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In Morningstar: Clearsky Ruptured you assume the role of a Pizcka Tribal determined to defend their Homestead. You will  require the Morningstar: The Triumvirate Pacts Core Rulebook (CRB), two six-sided dice (2d6), along with a pen and paper or word-processing document, to play.

The story is set up with an Introduction, a handful of Location Details and a few pertinent Story Points. The rest is down to you, and your imagination. Use the entirety of the CRB and any Morningstar Expansions to assist you.

The Actions you take should depend on who and what you see, and how you wish to interact. Keep a record of your story and adapt it as per the results of each Action.

As you progress you will see that you are behaving as your own Storyteller, creating the interactive world in which you are playing.

Use the Character Creation section of the CRB (commencing at Page 103) to create your Character.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the  following few pages, you are ready to begin.

Morningstar: Clearsky Ruptured - Solo Story AdventurePrice: $1.99