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Publisher: Mongoose

Hello all, and welcome to the magical world of Morine! After the war between the gods, the denizens of the planet settled into a stable state. Commerce is widespread and cities have banded together to protect each other and their borders. Exploration to faraway lands has begun. 

There is also unrest beneath the earth and the growth of organized crime. Old, dark gods are stirring and the divides between the planes are thinning. What side will you take? Where will you explore? This world is vast, and adventure awaits! 

Treat this world as anything from a paint-by-number kit to a blank canvas. My goal was to take away some of the leg work of world and plot generation while still keeping the world flexible. This was originally created with a smaller party in mind (2-3 people), so if you find it is too easy for your larger party, I have multipliers in place.

As for the structure, think Skyrim: there is a clearly defined main questline, but lots of side quests and places for the players to explore. There are basic political and religious structures in place, but don’t let that limit you. The players will no doubt have their own visions and creative backstories that can be woven into the world as you see fit.  

MorinePrice: $4.99