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Publisher: MonkeyHaus Press

Monty Haul #3 is a ‘zine dedicated to expanding your options for fantasy tabletop role-playing. Issue 3 features a sample “Small Gods” system for large cities, designed to recreate the feel of Lankhmar’s Street of the Gods. MH 3 also offers up a new path for monks, the Pious Hedonist (along with a fantastic set of rules for brewing and drinking), and a new circle for druids, the Silver Crescent. Clerics get two new domains, Eldritch and Fate. Two new divine-themed backgrounds are also included, along with new poison and skullduggery options (continued from Monty Haul #2)! Finally, a system for criminal contacts greatly expands their usefulness in a World of Thieves campaign setting. 

It’s a cornucopia of usable options, written in a conversational style and grounded in the gaming days of yore. If by “yore” we’re talking about the early 1980’s, that is. Monty Haul is suitable for discerning players of the fifth edition of the world’s most popular fantasy rpg. 

Monty Haul #3Price: $5.00