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Publisher: TBM Games

Legends speak of the night a mist swept acrost civilized lands, and from it emerged mysterious travelers, massive horned ogres, appearing in a rainbow of brilliant colors. These wanderers spoke nothing of their own origins, but instead sought to learn the trades of the peoples they encountered. When satisfied that they had learned all they could in one place, the oni disappeared. Generations passed, and the phenomenon was dismissed as a bizarre myth or the product of elderly imaginations. That is, until strange outlanders began to appear once more on misty nights, eager to glean any trade skills they could from whomever they met.

Expanding upon the character-building mechanics of 5E, this PDF allows you to create playable oni characters, reserved giants dedicated to learning the trades of other races.

This PDF is compatible with the Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular Roleplaying Game

Monstrous Races - OniPrice: $2.49