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Publisher: Gimmick Man

“Thallinus has seen the beautiful view from below, the great web that encompasses all life. All is in place, each and every one of us are on a path. If those who fought to change their purpose in the cycle instead accepted it, they would be happier. When you understand your role in the cycle is something you are born with, you can find peace.”
-Thallinus, Myconian Anima.

The Geomancer is an advanced Class for the game of Monsterpunk. A Geomancer draws their power from the land and channels their techniques through it. Using this power they can impale their enemies with rock, bury an enemy with parasitic fungi or shoot a blast of raw orgone straight from the leylines. 

In combat, a Geomancer deploys a zone of control that they can modify into an improvised fortification for their allies or a deadly trap for their enemies. The Geomancer is a tactical class that can be played offensively or defensively, depending on how one builds them. Usually, having a stationary monster partner (like a Flora-class) is a big risk, but the Geomancer negates said weakness by making it a strength.

The Geomancer is recommended for Players that already have some experience with the Monsterpunk game system. In this file you’ll find all the rules and lore to play as a Geomancer, example character concepts and a 1st Level build example with advice to play it.

Monsterpunk Class Playbook: The GeomancerPrice: $1.95