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Publisher: RPG Blacksmith

Forest accessories for tabletop role-playing games

This high definition (300dpi) print ready PDF includes 24 Tokens, 8 Tiles, 5 Paper Accessories, a Diorama Tile* and a Customizable Fantasy Map.

Everything is designed to fit with 25mm, 28mm and 30mm gaming scales.

The 5 paper accessories are really easy to build (requiring only glue and exacto knife or scissors).

*What is a Diorama Tile?
A Diorama Tile (or diorama battle map) is simply a tile to which a 2D background has been attached to add more ambiance, life and depth to the game session. The assembly is really simple: you just have to cut out the piece, score it and fold it.

Modular Forest Accessories Kit for tabletop RPGsPrice: $1.75