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Publisher: DM Nors

Welcome to WaleGate a town of Whaling and strange happenings. Here, Whalers harvest Deepdive Whales to carve out Deephearts, a glowing golden crystal within each whale. These Deephearts are magically powerful and can be used for all types of magical doings.

But something strange is going on. Peoples swords have been turned into fish. The Harbore Lodge was robbed but with no sign of entry. Little winged people have been seen at times in the streets–but they are gone before anyone can point them out.

Mischief in WaleGate is an urban adventure of mischief and pranks designed for use with Old School Essentials. It is written for a party of 4-6 players of level 1, but higher level characters will still enjoy it, as it is geared toward social cleverness and reason over strength and brawn. It is an adventure where the peril of the player characters is less than the consequences of their choices. In this adventure, every choice matters.

While this adventure is designed with Old School Essentials in mind, it could be played with any flexible rule system.

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