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Publisher: Modelling Miniatures

Miniatures Bulletin 14th September 2020 welcome to the bulletin

…inside you’ll find a collection of all Miniatures Kickstarter projects Live right now.

Even better, all projects are categorised and sorted to group similar things together.

Don’t waste time trawling through projects which don’t interest you, get straight to the ones that do.

contents page

The Bulletin is your roadmap to Miniatures projects on Kickstarter.

See something cool, just click to go straight to the project or it’s creator.

An example of a Live project listing.

The Bulletin also includes Upcoming projects keeping you informed for the week ahead.

An example of an Upcoming project listing.

The Bulletin gives you a great overview of Miniatures Kickstarters.

It also brings a little more exposure to project creators without a marketing budget.

In addition to the Miniatures Bulletin, there is also one for Boardgames, RPG and Video Games.

bulletin covers for Boardgames miniatures rpg and video games

Miniatures Kickstarter Bulletin 14th September 2020Price: $0.99