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Publisher: Micro RPG

Do you get tired of constantly writing and erasing, writing and erasing, in your Micro Chapbook RPG games? Do you lose track of how many monsters you are fighting or how much Life Force they have left? 

Well, NO MORE!

Now you can download and build your own game dials to keep track of game mechanics.  

Included in this file are 6 printable dial templates for making your own game dials for use with your Micro Chapbook RPG games. These dials will make gameplay run more smoothly and quickly–eliminating some of the writing and erasing that comes with tracking battles/life/etc. In a roleplaying game.

Included are:

  • A COMBAT TRACKER DIAL: Keep track of the number of monsters in the room and the Life Force of the monster you’re attacking.
  • A BOSS LIFE FORCE DIAL: Keep track of the BOSS Life Force as you fight him/her.
  • CHARACTER WILLPOWER DIAL: Keep track of your current willpower
  • CHARACTER HEALTH DIAL: Keep track of your current health.
  • MONSTER KILLS DIAL: Keep track of how many monsters you’ve killed in the dungeon.
  • GOLD DIAL: Keep track of the gold you’ve earned. 

At a price of $2.99, that is only 50 cents per dial! 

Micro Chapbook RPG: Game Dial CollectionPrice: $2.99