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Publisher: Ill Gotten Games

This set includes 29 fantasy characters that can be used in any RPG, boardgame, or wargaming system that you like.

  • Meeples are easy to print, don’t require support, and you can print them in mere minutes on stock settings.
  • Meeples are smaller, meaning you can get a lot more on your table.
  • Meeples can be used in any number of tabletop RPGs or boardgames, making them universally adaptable. Got some pieces missing from a game or want to replace some generic pieces with something a little more interesting? This has you covered.
  • Meeples are highly portable, and are easy to pack for games on the go.
  • Meeples can be printed in different color filaments, allowing you to easily color code them.
  • Meeples have personality, but not TOO MUCH personality. They work great for identifying a broad range of character types, but aren’t so detailed that you’re left with a distinct mind’s eye impression.

If you want a game to go with these pieces, Meepletactics, our free universal skirmish wargaming rules, are available as a free download from our website. Give them a try!

*Please note: You’re buying digital files meant for 3D printing.

Meepleverse: Fantasy AdventurersPrice: $2.50