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Publisher: Chaosium

Mason Mansion is a short, timer-based scenario for Call of Cthulhu set in the estates outside of Arkham in the 1920s. The Investigators will be fighting amongst each other in order to gain the inheritance of a late Seymour Mason, their Grandfather. While backstabbing and sabotaging each other, they’ll also find that there are other things they’ll have to survive. This scenario is a mixture of intrigue and horror, with few Lovecraftian elements. The Investigators will be up in the wooded hills in Seymour Mason’s mansion. The will states that whoever stays the entire night at the mansion will inherit Mr. Mason’s legacy. Weather is stormy, the air is heavy and thick with electricity and the way back to civilization is hazardous. If an Investigator wishes to leave the mansion, they can attempt to do so at either High Difficulty or Extreme Difficulty, it’s up to the Keeper to decide which is appropriate.

Mason Mansion is intended to be used as a simple scenario with no clear winner or loser. Seymour Mason is alive and killing off his family members while they’re in his home, so death may be better than having to continue staying alive in the mansion. This can be used as a one-shot or in a bigger campaign. If the latter, you may have to decide which of the Investigators is related to Seymour Mason and how. There can, and will be, character death so please ensure that your Players understand this before agreeing to play.

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