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Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

This digital rulebook is accessible in any browser and integrated into Roll20.

Battle iconic foes and tell epic stories in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Lost Mine of Phandelver brings the 2015 ENnie Gold Winning Adventure for Best Production Value, Best Family Game, and Best Publisher (Wizards of the Coast) to the four-time ENnie Gold Winning Best Software, Roll20.

Explore subterranean labyrinths! Plunder hoards of treasure! Battle legendary monsters! It all starts on the road to Phandalin, a small village with big problems… This adventure contains everything you need to play heroic characters on perilous adventures in worlds of fantasy.

Play With Less Prep on Roll20

Dive into the dark schemes of Phandalin with 7 adventuring maps and a full-color map of the entire Sword Coast ready for exploration, including pre-placed tokens and full Dynamic Lighting support for walls, doors, and windows (Subscribe to access Dynamic Lighting!)
Choose between 5 pre-generated characters equipped with class features, spells, and backstories tied to Phandalin (the folk hero fighter dreams of dragon slaying, will you pick up the mantle?)
Drag & Drop over 40 NPC and monster tokens onto a battlemap to antagonize adventurers, featuring classic sneaky goblins and a ferocious owlbear
Drag & Drop 13 unique magic items onto a character sheet to instantly arm a character, like the divine mace Lightbringer or strength-boosting gauntlets of ogre power
Keep players on their toes while traveling in one click with 3 rollable random encounter tables
Discover the secrets lurking in the depths of Phandelver in this introductory adventure designed for characters levels 1-5

Accessing Your Roll20 Content

Create a Game with Your Module
Lost Mine of Phandelver includes an Adventure Module. To create a new game, log into your Roll20 account and click on the “Start New Game” option from the site menu. The column on the right-hand side of the page is entitled “Optional: Choose a Module”; clicking on the cover image will select this Module as the base for your new game.

Accessing the Compendium
You can access all of the magic items and monsters from the Lost Mine of Phandelver in and out of the game.

In game
On the web

Using Art
You can access the Character Art Pack under the Premium Assets section of the Art Library in Roll20. These assets are only available for use inside any virtual tabletop game session.

Which Character Sheet should I use?
All 5e Open Game License content on Roll20 uses the D&D 5E by Roll20 character sheet.

Are you a new GM?
For advice on how to run this adventure for your group, check out our Guide to Lost Mine of Phandelver for New GMs.

Bug Reports
If you are experiencing any other issues, please let us know on the Roll20 Help Center.

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