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Publisher: DWDalton Adventures, LLC

The Solo Sandbox RPG in a Cardbox.

Minecraft meets Dungeons & Dragons in a card-based, world-building, pen and paper tabletop role-playing game.

With paper, pencil, and dice, Lone Wilderlands contains everything else you’ll need to create a unique realm of open-ended fantasy adventure, a world of varied terrain, settlements, castles, quests, and battles.

Guide a character and the list of allies, enemies, and places visited will grow, prompting new stories and twists. Cards and dice drive the obstacles and adventures as would a gamemaster. Change the course of cultures and settlements as you explore the wilds and upgrade characters completely on your own or with a group.

But don’t feel left out, gamemasters. Lone Wilderlands is also a no-prep, impromptu, world-building and story-generating engine, and it’s adaptable to other RPG systems.

Origins. Playing the Sherlock Holmes mystery board game 221B Baker Street as a kid fascinated me. The writers compressed a whole mystery into a 3×5 card! I wondered if the same thing could be done to an adventure module for a fantasy RPG. It turns out that yes, yes it can, and here is a big stack for your adventuring pleasure!

This video shows the boxed version of Lone Wilderlands available on another site. The PDF print & play version available from DTRPG has been updated and improved:

  • Codex and Monstro booklets have been integrated into an expanded and improved Summa Cartis (the instruction manual).
  • The cards have been enlarged in size and content.
  • No d20 is available via print & play. Not until DTRPG has their teleporter online, anyway.

Lone Wilderlands: the solo sandbox RPG in a cardboxPrice: $9.99