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Publisher: Tomasz Kozłowski

Lines in the sand: a game of betraying values in the time of crisis

Imagine that you are a faction of freedom fighters. You are only one step from your biggest action, planned for months. It’s the only opportunity to bring awaited changes in your country. But today, you got the message. One of you has been caught by the secret police. You know what they are capable of. By now, they surely know everything about you. What will you do?

Or imagine that you are a group of xenoarchaeologists who have brought an ancient mummy from a distant planet. After you had departed for your homeworld, you discovered that mummy is not as dead as you thought. Now, you have to survive. But you also need to remember that your bosses want the mummy undamaged.  And they’re not nice people. You don’t want to make them angry.

Lines In The Sand is a rules-light no-prep GM-less card game about staying faithful to values in the time of crisis. It is also a game about the consequences of betraying values. Is it true that morals can prevent us from doing what is right?

How much are we willing to sacrifice to achieve a common goal? Is the group ready to make harsh choices to survive? Will they betray their own principles to do what is right? How will they behave? Will they overcome this ?

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