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Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment

A Savage Guide to Fantasy Sandboxes.

You look out from the tower. This fortress is the last bastion of civilisation before the untamed wilderness. The plains and forest stretch before you, full of primordial secrets waiting to be found. You descend from the tower and gather your equipment. With your gear on your back and your sword in its scabbard, you join your companions and march outward, ready to forge your destiny. 

This is a book for those who want to go on savage adventures in great open worlds. It contains everything you need to play and run sandbox adventures in a world of your own creation, including:

  • New encounter and reaction rules to make random encounters an organic part of your game
  • Rules for creating a character randomly using a deck of cards.
  • Several new skills and edges.
  • An improved inventory system and all the equipment an adventurer could ever need.

  • Nine character archetypes to get you started right away.

Legends and LorePrice: $9.99