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Publisher: Strachan Games

Welcome to “Last Voyage of the Blackened Heart,” a murder mystery roleplaying game.

This is a new scenario for the same set of rules as The Ballad of Texas Red, but the full rules are included here. 

The Blackened Heart is a mighty vessel, known for its savagery and feared throughout the Caribbean. But the days of piracy are nearing their end, and nobody can be trusted anymore. When the Cabin Boy goes missing and there’s blood on the gun deck, pistols are loaded and cutlasses drawn. A shadow looms over the Blackened Heart, and it looks like the Cabin Boy won’t be the only one dead by the time this voyage is over.

This is a one-off social deception roleplaying game for 5-6 players. Players roleplay as their characters, using snippets of knowledge no one else knows to slowly solve the many mysteries of this ship. Players will lie and decieve, plot and scheme, and when your suspicions are confirmed… shoot to kill.

This isn’t a game for sitting around a table; it’s a game for standing, for whispering, for pulling your friend into another room away from listening ears. 

Also included are rules for playing online over voice or video calls. An extra person is needed to act as a Moderator in online play. 

Good luck, and trust no one.

Last Voyage of the Blackened Heart - A Murder Mystery Role Playing GamePrice: $2.50