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Publisher: Pufferfish

This is an adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 4-6. There are no assumptions made about the party composition, but magic weapons and/or a potent cleric will make things easier. Stats are given for use with Old School Essentials and other B/X compatible systems.

Vahden is a sleepy, little sheep-ranching village in a valley on a market road. A wizard’s tower overlooks the valley, but the reclusive wizard, Chageth, hasn’t been seen in years. In recent nights, livestock and travelers have been found burned to death. Witnesses have seen a “huge, horned hunter driving a pack of fiery hounds” across the valley at night. 

Be explorers and solve the mystery of the hunter and hounds at the wizard’s tower!

Be exemplars of heroism and save the villagers of the valley of Vahden from the rampaging hunt!

Or just be exploitative opportunists and seize the chance to ransack the tower while the wizard is obviously not guarding it anymore.

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