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Publisher: Modiphius

“I was crazy, insane, I craved what man was never meant to own. But they all had it! Picasso, Vaqueline, Miro, Dali, Munch. They had it, they had the gift! And I so desperately wanted it that I cried out in the darkness of the night. I flung myself into the sea to drown my dreams. But something answered, and I met Her. She showed me the truth. To paint a portrait that goes beyond the flesh, a portrait of the Human Soul. All my dreams came true, but also my nightmares… “

The Gallery of Souls is a scenario for the horror role-playing game KULT: Divinity Lost. The player characters are sent to find an artist named Christian Starker and escort him to their employer, but find eventually themselves caught between powerful forces who have a sinister interest in their charge.

Gallery of Souls was written by the RPG veteran Magnus Seter for the 2nd Edition of KULT. To our knowledge it has never been released in English. Mattiaz Fredriksson of Red Moon Roleplaying has translated it to English, and Petter Nallo has updated it to the era of Divinity Lost.

This FREE scenario, offers pre-made characters, new scenes and new dangers, and changes the setting from an anonymous city in the 1990s to Los Angeles in 1951. Be prepared to explore a grim and treacherous noir setting with smoky bars, and nights filled with shadows, rain and fog.

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