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Publisher: White Wolf

Kindred, Contacts and Victims ART PACK VOL 5
This document by artist Luis Miguez contains 24 “Vampire: The Masquerade” themed B/W portrait illustrations, usable for your own Storytellers Vault products and, of course, as PCs or NPCs portraits for your Chronicles. All  that artwork is absolutely new, exclusive and specially created, and represents nocturnal people from all kinds and origins. Most of them could equally represent Kindred, humans or ghouls (or something absolutely different, even being of possible use in another modern-horror-themed games). Each one is 8×8 cms (3,15 inches) at a 300 pps definition, so they can be not only included in another professional-quality document for print, but properly printed, shown to players, trimmed and attached to character sheets, etc.

Images are presented in a 6 pages PDF and as independent jpg archives in a ZIP file.

Please, note that the artwork within this document should not be modified, and only can be used with commercial purposes or distributed via Storytellers Vault. 

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