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Grand Star Alliance Gear
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Grand Star Alliance Gear is a guide to the gear used by the Alliance. This information is all derived from the Keyforge card game and translated for use in the Genesys system!
This title includes:
New armor add-ons used by the Grand Star Alliance
Weapons of the Alliance
Crew information for the SAV Quantum (33 NPC crew members!)
Creatures used by the Alliance
(2) new player Archetypes: the Handuhan and Octopoid aliens!
Developed by veteran GM Chris Markham (as Gazrok Games), this is one of over two dozen titles already released for the Foundry and the second title for the Keyforge setting! Though this adventure is set on the world of the Crucible, it can be converted for use in your own space opera campaign. The Genesys Core Rulebook, Keyforge: S…

Martian Mayhem!
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Martian Mayhem! is an exciting collection of equipment, vehicles, and creatures used by the Martians on the Crucible, all derived from the Keyforge card game and brought to life for Genesys!
Join Phylyx and Blypyp as they describe personal equipment like the biomatrix backup and brainstem antenna, to weapons such as the Red Planet Disintegrator, or devices like the deep probe or jammer pack. You’ll find plenty of fun additions for your Martian character or adversaries!
New ship weapons are introduced for the Flying Saucer, and a variant walker (the Yxilx Dominator) is described in detail as well!
Finally, 4 creatures used by the Martians are brought into Genesys as adversaries from the card game; the Martian Hound, the Sniffer, Chuff Ape, and the Grommid.
Of course, all are beautifu…

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