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Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment

Joyous Yule! Happy Soltice! Merry The Day the Great Iluthian enters his cave and slumbers, bringing us Winter! It’s that time of year again when we bestow our love ones with gifts to show them our affection for them! Yes, it’s time to bribe your spawn to behave in return for gifts! And the Kedamono Dragon has just the thing! From Teddy Bear Golems, to animated Wooden Soldiers, your gift giving needs are well served at our shop!

This supplement has rules for creating your own Teddy Bear Golems or even creating player character Teddy Bears! Magical Wooden Weapons that are child safe! And of course the marvelous Wooden Legionnaires that play out battles for your child’s entertrainment!

Happy Holidays from all of us at the magic shoppe!

Kedamono Dragon's Mundane Magic Items IIIPrice: $2.50